The Silver King

Mining history in Utah is rich and mining is what put Parley’s Park City on the map in the late 1800’s. Everywhere you hike you see reminders that Park City wasn’t always so luxurious as it is today. There are many sites with further information about Utah’s mining history and the history of Park City for those who are interested. As for me, I’m learning little by little as I explore more around this fascinating area.

The first image is of the Silver King Mine, located about 1/2 way up Park City Mountain Resort. The buildings are still standing (mostly) and are a stark contrast to the high speed 6 person chairlift a few meters away. Times have changed and although I love history and the period around the turn of the century, I like fat skis more.

I was inspired to photograph this mine after seeing some artwork were I work. It is my first attempt at photographing this building but it is only a 1 hour hike from my house so I’ll be back for a color shot soon. The rest of the images are random shots from around the area so far this spring. Enjoy:) EE


2 thoughts on “The Silver King

  1. My hubby and I were in Park city in July and we hiked up the resort mountain (wow…that was a HIKE) and stopped by some of the buildings left behind by the mines. Your photos on your blog and the descriptions are amazing. I was really crazy about Park City and hope to return to the area, and perhaps head down to the Moab as well. So glad you were Freshly Pressed so I could find your blog.


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