Kings Peak

Kings Peak is the highest point in Utah at 13,528 ft and dominates the skyline of Henry’s Fork basin. The basin is a stunning place that makes for a great destination in itself but with beautiful peaks towering over, it doesn’t make sense to not go see what the view is like! Most people climb Kings Peak in 3 days to allow for time to relax at camp and on the summit. We chose to do 2 days knowing that those 2 days would be long.

Back in my 20’s when I trail ran, I was able to knock it out in 10 hours round trip from the car but a broken leg since then has slowed me down. No worries, I love backpacking and that is not a race at all. Day 1 took us high into Henry’s Fork basin, near the bottom of the obvious gully leading to Anderson Pass and Kings Peak ridge. It is a steep climb up the gully on loose rock but manageable. The elevation soon kicks in to work against you and the final 1000 feet over a rugged ridge is fairly slow.

The summit is a great place to spend some time of your life. We were fortunate to have the summit to ourselves for over 1 hour. Just enough time to enjoy a summit beer:) Knowing what was ahead of us, we reluctantly left the beautiful summit. Heading back to the pass then down the gully brought us to camp in no time. The gully can be quite entertaining but make sure there is nobody below.

Camp packed and clear, we headed out at 6pm. It took us 5 hours to get to camp and we were hoping for 3 hours out. 3:15 later we were at the car just as darkness had set in. We were tired, hungry, thirsty and stoked! It was a great summit and my buddy’s first time in the Uintas. Not a bad 1st time:)

Enjoy the photos and make some time to go to the Uintas in the summer. They’re great! EE

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