Smoky days in Park City

quick update from Park City with a few photos to share. I’ve been sticking close to home the past few weeks with hopes of getting out more around here. The haze is getting a little old with the fires all around the west. I’ve let my camera take a break for a while but am getting anxious to go shooting again! Here are a few images to share in the meantime. One is from a fire VERY nearby! Scary stuff. The other is a nice flower after some rain and the other is an incredibly vivid sky over Park City.

I tried to go get some images of a sunset over town but nothing came out quite right so I have a nice colorful sunset image instead:) I’ll have some more images soon since fall is knocking on the door here in the Wasatch. EE


5 thoughts on “Smoky days in Park City

  1. Love the sunset…. I hear you about the fires… was in CO and WY this summer and almost had my flights canceled. But that would nothing compared to the loss of plants and homes.


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