Olympic Sculpture Park

I’ve been in Seattle for 1 full month now and I’ve had the chance to wander all over this city with my camera. Being more of a landscape photographer than a city photographer I’m a little out of my element. The city is however full of great opportunities to practice and focus on other photography skills that carry over such as light, composition and balance. I’ve also had a chance to work on an ongoing project that I’ll post about sometime in the near future.

Practice spot #1 is Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s on the waterfront and allows for a peaceful retreat from the city life just blocks away. It also connects into a nice long trail along the ocean where you can get a face full of wind and fresh air. Those who live near an ocean know this feeling. Just stand there and feel the worries blow away as you stare into the horizon. It’s very similar to standing on top of a mountain or in the middle of the desert. Purely refreshing.

Olympic Sculpture Park is also inspiring as it connects you with all that is great in the Pacific Northwest, in your own way. I’ve been there many times and will continue to return to this special place. I wanted to share what I captured as I practiced and added to my memories of a beautiful city. Enjoy, EE.


8 thoughts on “Olympic Sculpture Park

  1. Not a cityperson myself,but do enjoy looking at the architecure/sculptures combined with a touch o nature you posted here,aswell as the strong colours you,ve used..but have to admit,just loved the skyscape in last shot 🙂


  2. Agreed on the first one and I do believe you bout not adding any .Live close to the river Rhine myself and see them a lot like that , yet never bored by them .
    Your welcome and thanks for the great pictures & follow aswell 🙂


  3. What a refreshing take on a place. Really like how you mix color and b/w images. My 2 favs are the tree in the middle of the sculpture and the b/w stairs with that beautiful light glinting off the rail.


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