Tranquility (minus the clicking)

The last post with the Falling Leaf was taken at another favorite location in Seattle for shooting, the Ballard Locks. It’s an extremely popular place in the summer but it seems to be quiet for the remainder of the year. I enjoy going there to think, to smell the ocean, to hear the roar of the water and sometimes to look at some fish! Whenever I have my camera, I always seem to find something to photograph. Sometimes it’s not about trying to get an image for National Geographic but just a nice image that brings good memories:)

I’ve posted other photos from the Ballard Locks HERE or HERE and again HERE from previous days I’ve brought my camera. I remember visiting as a kid and I still love going back. If you haven’t been or haven’t been in some time, I’d recommend going during the fall/winter/spring and watching a cool boat pass through or maybe a seal jump the locks. The trees and plant life is beautiful too!

The images here are from one day and I’d love to spend more time photographing the tree in the first image. I’ll probably go back and re-edit that one until it comes out like I want it to, but it’s close enough now. I’d probably bring a tripod next time too since I could’ve made the same images crisp and sharp. Oh well. I’m working on images for the next post about practice spot #3, I’m sure you can guess where that is if you know Seattle!


27 thoughts on “Tranquility (minus the clicking)

  1. Fall seems to be everywhere. Your captures are unique and make one want to explore this place. Your opening pic is exqusite but I am drawn to the vines and the metal and subtle water below comps. Super post.


  2. SEA_6727e is gorgeous! What a fascinating tree and the play on shadow and light, the contrast of the leaves and dark twisting trunk are mesmerizing. Happy Birthday big guy! 🙂


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