Highlights of 2012-Complete Version

2012 was a very good year for me, photographically speaking. Looking over photos from the year has brought back a lot of memories and allowed me to vividly remember the great times and places. I was fortunate to have time to explore the area around my home through the changing seasons, travel to new places and expand my photography skills. I am so pumped for 2013 and the amazing times ahead!

A few things stood out to me while selecting highlights of the year. One, my style is changing and this is the most exciting aspect of photography for me. I’ve never felt this before in my life and anyone with a creative itch can identify with this. Simply, it’s amazing. Secondly, I was humbly reminded that the normal to me may be the exotic to someone else. I pride myself on not taking anything for granted and for a short time this fall, I did. I mentioned in a post that the fall colors I shot were nothing exotic as I literally walked from my house to photograph for an hour or so. That post was “freshly pressed” and I was abruptly reminded of how many people don’t see scenes like that in their world. Lastly, no matter how good of a photographer you think you are, Mother Nature can always do better. NO image I’ve taken or any image I’ve seen from ANY photographer can match what exists naturally. Don’t believe me? Go outside and see for yourself. I think most photographers can relate to this by remembering the times you’ve put your camera down and just stared.

I was thinking of posting only my top 5 but opted for the top 60, photo overload:) So cheers to 2013 and thank you to all my followers for viewing and interacting on this blog.
Slideshow of Images


14 thoughts on “Highlights of 2012-Complete Version

  1. You’ve got some incredible captures there, one of which was said in words: ” I was humbly reminded that the normal to me may be the exotic to someone else.”
    Looks like you had a great year, hope this one’s treating you well!


  2. Such an amazing collection! Growing as an artist is the best feeling in the world. Your images are truly inspiring to me. I look forward to seeing your work through out 2013!


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