I have some more adventures planned in the near future but this post is about inspiration. Ever since I picked up a camera, I’ve wondered where I found my inspiration to do so. I wouldn’t say my family is overly artistic, I didn’t go to an art school and nobody close to me is a photographer. I’m a self-taught photographer and enjoy learning and being inspired by other artists to develop my photography. Recently, I’ve found more inspiration from 2 people than everyone else combined, my mom and dad.
I remember my mom always stopping to point out things she saw, that most others would walk right by without noticing. This is one of my photographic styles that I’ve known I got from her for some time. You hear photographers talk about this all the time. I even have a quote about this on my photography site, something about not needing to go to Egypt to find beauty, its everywhere. Just look. I was thinking of this when dreaming about what I want to photograph. Do I need to go to Egypt, or some other far, far away place to find beauty? No. Just go outside your door and open your eyes.
My mom raised my sister and me, with frequent trips to Yellowstone, Glacier and many trips across Montana. We’d drive across Montana and count how many different types of animals we saw.. My nose was pushed against the glass scanning the landscapes for hours and hours, hoping to see 1 antelope or an eagle. If you’ve ever driven across Montana, you know this is a long drive with endless boring scenery. Yet, last spring I took a 2 week road trip through Wyoming and Montana on back roads and 2 lane highways. I found overwhelming beauty everywhere I looked:)

My dad lives in eastern Montana, in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and has lived there his whole life. He sent me an email the other day that prompted me to post this about inspiration. He mentioned being able to see the beauty in places most other people don’t and being able to bring back memories of places he’d been. Again, this is one of my defining styles with photography that I’ve long wondered where it came from. I now know.

I continue to be inspired by other photographers but having a true understanding of why I photograph is more important to me than any image. I’m looking forward to what’s to come with photography for me and the adventure it brings. Oh, and I plan on sharing it all here of course:) EE


15 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Thank You Eric! Little did I know that pointing out an eagle, the colors or shapes of a rock, or the colors of a sunset or a double rainbow would lead to you capturing the worlds beauty to share with others. You truly have a gift! I love you 🙂 And Colleen….you got it right!


  2. I know exactly how you feel….You really don’t need to go to some far, far away place to find beauty…..Where I live I can get a new photograph with every changing season…Its so amazing! I love Photography:)


  3. Eric… great write up… hey bud , you inspire me. My story is a lil different, formally trained in the darkroom in college. Found it hard to get back into the darkroom while raising a family and did not seriously get back into it until 20 yrs later…. yes beauty is just where you find it!!!!


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