I’m going on an adventure!


It’s time for an adventure. I’ve been contemplating going on an extended trip for quite some time and I’m fortunate to be in a place now to make it a reality. As of tomorrow, I’ll be both homeless and unemployed. I’ve received overwhelming support from friends and family as I’ve prepared for my travels and am truly grateful:)

As for my trip, I can best explain it by asking if you’ve ever been somewhere amazing and said “I don’t want to leave” or “I want to stay longer?” Well, I have time to spend in those places now and I’ll have the camera and tripod on and ready. I don’t have a full itinerary yet due to the nature of the trip but it will involve Southern Utah, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, and eventually Montana.

I’ll keep this one short as I’m sure to have MANY more posts to come in the upcoming months. Thank you for all who follow and interact with me here!! You can also follow along on my Facebook page as well: EricEPhoto

Next stop: Capitol Reef National Park. My favorite:)


s utah low-010

29 thoughts on “I’m going on an adventure!

  1. I remember Capitol Reef from our Utah guidebook but I don’t think we made it there. Have a great trip! I’m already excited to see what kind of pictures you’ll come up with.


  2. You are truly living the dream! Way to take a risk and go after the beauty that most are too busy to see because they are chained to their rat-race existence. I have also done something similar. You have my deepest respect! 🙂


  3. Hello,
    we very much enjoy your work and your photos. They are incredibly good!

    We are three young passionate photographers from Germany and would be pleased if you would come over and have a look at our page, too!

    Thank you in anticipation and good luck,


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