Alpine Beauty

I’m jumping ahead a little and posting some images from last night and this morning. I was in the White Mountains of California, east of the Sierras. This area is home to the oldest tree in the world at 4,700 years! There are many vast groves of bristle cone pines and they grow in fascinating environments. They are sculpted by endless wind into extreme shapes and forms and are a pure delight to photograph.

I was driving a long back road around 12,000 feet and the afternoon light made the simple, delicate alpine terrain look too appealing. I packed light since I was only hiking 1 mile and took no tent, just sleeping bag and pad. It was a cool 32 degrees with a 30 mph wind this morning but felt good after being in the 90’s in the valley.

The stormy skies cleared and the stars kept the sky bright all night. Sunrise seemed to erase the Milky Way with perfect coordination and soon it was light. And cold. I did remember to bring a thermos of hot coffee! Score! I didn’t remember to bring an extra battery. Fail. I got the shots I wanted and if anything, it forced me to be more selective of what I photograph, which is always a good thing.

Anyway, California is amazing and I’ve only been in one small part:)
Enjoy, EE.





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