Update from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

I said goodbye to the stunning, beautiful Eastern Sierras and crossed Sonora Pass heading west. My next destination is Yosemite since I hear there was a famous photographer from here and it looks pretty;) The current plan is to spend 2 weeks there and watch the moon as waxes and wains over the domes and valley.

The East side of the Sierras is a remarkable place for adventure and was tough to leave. Looking through the images I have, they’re as varied as the landscape. From 100 feet below sea level, to the highest point in the Lower 49 states, to pure ancient alpine to volcanic craters, this place is crazy. Add variable weather (Click to view images of the “Sierra Wave” on Facebook) and you have an amazing photography adventure. I explored my face off and found a new area I absolutely love. Us Montana kids don’t fall in love with California easily!

Anyway, enjoy the few images and I’ll finish the East Sierra chapter soon. They are all from Mono Lake. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see this place is heavily photographed. For good reason, it’s really a great place to shoot!!


5 thoughts on “Update from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

  1. I am jealous guy, you are really having a swell time. Remember those of us in the UK that are battling with unpredictable weather. Keep us posted. Hopefully will consider your inputs in planning my next family holidays.


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