Wave Goodbye

On one of my final days near Bishop, CA, I was able to be in the perfect spot when the Sierra Wave set up! I’d heard of this meteorological phenomenon and seen some stunning images of it but had seen nothing in 10 days. Then BAM!! It set up fairly quickly and became more or less stationary through the night.

Its formed by air moving as a wave over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and forms under conditions that have to be perfect. It must have been because it lasted for 12 hours! Unfortunately most of that was overnight but the sunset more than made up for it.

I’m posting a few images here and I have a few on my Facebook page (LIKE Ericephoto on Facebook) for you to see. I didn’t edit these much but I’ll come back to them and remove some dust spots:) It was incredibly difficult shooting because the wind was blowing 30+mph but at least I really only had to be there and press the shutter. Mother Nature showed her superiority that evening and it was a treat for anyone within 100 miles.

The highlight to the night was seeing the wave set up over the Sierras like a rainbow, with the opening to the west. At sunset, the crescent moon descended and was framed perfectly by the wave and the mountains. I took a few shots but long exposures of the moon with very windy conditions don’t add up. I’m keeping that one in the memory bank;) Enjoy and if you interested in any of these as prints, let me know so I can prioritize getting them edited a bit more. EE

In the morning:

Looking South

Looking North


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