The Hot Chocolate Coast

The Oregon Coast is called many names but one stands out to me: Beautiful.

I posted an image on FB the other day and stated I can’t wait to spend some years of my life here. I’ve climbed some big, high mountains. I’ve skied perfect powder under perfect blue skies. I’ve wandered worlds of rock in the desert Southwest. Certain places along the Oregon Coast give me the same feeling as all those. It’s the feeling of being truly connected to the world and in constant awe of the perfect beauty that surrounds you. I could go on and on about this but I need to go back outside:)

I wanted to share a few images before I get too backlogged with images. This place has been a dream to photograph whether its sunny, foggy, windy or rainy. Who cares. I’d come back to this place ANYTIME and be the happiest person in the world.



This last image is from a place called Thor’s Well. It’s impressive to say the least. The high tide and big waves lined up perfectly at 1pm and not evening light! What do you do when your faced with a good subject in bad light? Get a little creative and then put your camera away and watch for a while. This place is hard to find but well worth the time spent watching the ocean fight the coast.

Anyway, back outside and up to Cape Kiwanda for 2 nights:) Thanks for looking, liking and commenting! EE



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