One of a Million+

I’m working on updating some images and I’ll want to share a few as I do so. This one is from California in the White Mountains. Bristle cone pines grow at high elevations in harsh environments. Oddly enough, this is what enables them to outlive every other species on Earth. They outlive droughts, fires, and every other version of extreme weather possible. The oldest ones are over 4000 years old! Standing below these giants is humbling and makes your worries seem insignificant. All you hear is the wind blowing through their gnarled limbs and to me it sounded like a song:) This tree may have seen over 1 MILLION sunrises and this is just one of them. Happy longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. EE


18 thoughts on “One of a Million+

  1. Hey traveler… one in a gazillion pic… love the comp. I got into this big argument while on a vacation to Greece… our guide… insisted that their olive trees were the oldest. I promptly set her straight and offered her proof… your blog article πŸ™‚


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