Aspens, Flowers and a Hair Dryer

Wow, time has been flying by here as the summer kicks into full swing!  I’ve been slowly settling back into “reality” from my trip and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be (except Antarctica).  The Wasatch Mountains had an abnormally low snow pack the previous 2 winters and yet this summer has started off with beautiful flowers everywhere!  It’s still June and the mountains are looking like a painters palette.

It was a cool, windy spring and first 1/2 of June, but it’s recently returned to typical Utah weather: HOT.  I know there are places hotter, trust me I check.  I majored in Atmospheric Sciences and have been a life-long weather nerd.  Death Valley had a low of 99 yesterday.  Nice.  Park City is a little better off than Death Valley (or Salt Lake City as we call it) and it’s generally 10-20 degrees cooler here.  Still, 90 degrees at 7000 feet at the Summer Solstice sears your skin.  So how do we survive in this terrible weather?  Hiking!!

I’ve just recently returned to my morning schedule after 2 weeks of not seeing a sunrise:)  It’s crazy how you get burned out and need some recharge time.  I’ve also been on some extended evening hikes during the Super Moon, which I’ll post about soon.  The aspen forests are perfect for staying cool since virtually no direct sun comes in.  Better yet, there is an amazing green glow to everything making the green, greener!  Beautiful white bark of the aspens makes for great contrast and to top it off there are an incredible variety of flowers to fill the voids.  On a hike the other day, I counted over 30 types of wild flowers!

I’ve got more to come as I’ve been staying busy on an upcoming project, hiking and getting back to “normal” around here.  One thing for sure, my life has changed for the better due to choices I made.  I see Park City in a completely different light and I can’t wait to share this new vision.

Enjoy some summer,



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