My Backyard in the Summer

I’ve been out shooting a ton and have logged many miles on the trails of Park City the past few weeks.  I stated in my last post that I see Park City differently after returning from 2 months on the road. This is due to a few reasons with one of them being my life is simpler and quieter now. I find Park City more peaceful and more beautiful than ever before.



The wildflowers are some of the best I can remember this year and Park City has enjoyed some spectacular weather.  It was definitely hot for a few days when the west was cooking but early mornings and shady hikes took the edge off nicely.  The 4th of July weekend brought 5 days in a row of thunderstorms with heavy rain and lightning and cooled the air back to perfect.


I’ve also been up quite early too with hopes of catching a good sunrise.  We don’t get many spectacular sunsets because Park City is on the east side of the Wasatch Mountains.  We do get amazing sunrises though and they come pretty early this time of year.   I’m pretty convinced that red light during sunrises makes your coffee magically taste better too.

I’m working on a project that involves lots of shooting around Park City so I guarantee I’ll have more to share soon!  Hope summer is treating everyone well:)



23 thoughts on “My Backyard in the Summer

  1. Love your backyard! 🙂 And the sky shot, excellent. Im going to try those shots when I move to AZ. I actually never done any stars. But have been into astronomy for years and built my own Telescope in San Diego.


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