Special Moment in Photography

Yesterday I posted images of Mono Lake and the day before I posted an image of Mono Lake on Facebook.  It was a beautiful image full of color, symmetry and balance.  I’m not saying this because it was mine but because the place was that amazing.   Many people view an image and quickly pass on to the next one or next webpage but some images do more than make you smile.

One of my best friend’s Grandmother is in the hospital right now and when he “liked” the photo on Facebook, she saw it.  In fact, this is how she sees my images.  I learned that through all her hardships, this is one of the things that bring her joy in her life.

I thought about this all day long and as soon as I got off work, I grabbed my camera and raincoat.  I didn’t know if I’d get any good light or not since last night I managed to get zero images.  Well, tonight more than made up for it and I am happy to say I have a lot of images to share.

I’ll be posting many on Facebook so that my friend’s Grandmother can smile a little brighter tomorrow and the day after that.   I’m humbled to think that I’m out walking around seeing beautiful light while others are suffering and yet, they may get more  happiness from my images than I ever will.  For this I’m left speechless…..EE



30 thoughts on “Special Moment in Photography

  1. So wonderful Eric. I’m glad you get to see first hand how important your work is, and how capturing the beauty of the world around you brings joy to others. Keep it up, I look forward to seeing more of the world through your lens.


    • Thanks Jen, this means a lot to me! Photography is all about capturing the moments but this one has permanently changed my view. I guess it’s my own way to bring a few more smiles to the world:)


  2. WoW… what a great back story. Your images sure do make me see things in a diff light. Love the lone tree and fab sky. OH…. thanks for the 166th comment on my “The thread that …”…. yes it was ‘FP’. Its a (good)… many new peeps are seeing it… (bad) a really lot of new peeps are seeing and commenting … 🙂


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  4. Eric, with the top photo, your point of view made this whole thing magical. It felt like you have captured the entirety of the space the red glow has covered. It must have taken your breath for a while for sure. I know it would’ve to me.


    • Parvis, it sure did! That night was still one of the most incredible I can remember. The light changed so many times in such a short span of time that it felt like I was in photography overload! Thank you so much! EE


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