Oregon Coast Pt. 1


I spent quite a bit of time along the Oregon Coast and my camera got a workout for sure! Salt spray and blowing sand coated my lenses, my face and my clothes. The cool, moist air soaked into my bones and I was content with every minute I spent walking the beaches.


I saw some amazing sunrises and sunsets but what I remember the most is the calmness and pure relaxation I felt during my time there. I’m convinced that I’ll spend some years of my life living there and my soul will thank me.



I grew up in Montana, well away from any beach, and the coast has always appealed to me. I remember visiting the Oregon Coast as a kid and tasting salt water for the first time. I didn’t care that the water was cold or that the sky was grey. I still don’t. I confirmed this by spending some great years living in Seattle and seeing 51+ shades of grey there! I don’t care for the heat and am happiest in a hoody and a beanie so the NW feels amazing to me:)



I was extremely fortunate to be able to spend some extended time in my paradise. It was more than a vacation, it was my life. I allowed myself time to get in touch with the ocean and beach so I could then try to capture what it is that makes this place so special. I’ve been going through many images and I realized I need to break it up into a few posts because I have much to say and share about this place that so many people call paradise.


Enjoy and I’ll have many more to share in upcoming posts.


14 thoughts on “Oregon Coast Pt. 1

  1. breath taking photo eric, really like your use of color and slower shutterspeeds to get some of the motion of water. All the images are good.
    Have you thought about cropping the wide angles of the beach just so you see the patterns in the sand. Especially on the final photo. Its another great photo within a photo.


    • I think we’re on the same page there! I have a cropped image of the pattern in b&w ready for pt 2;) in fact, I think I have an entire post of patterns! Thanks and truly appreciate your thoughts!


  2. Thank you, Eric for the daydreaming photos…
    What I find unique in all your shots is that you put your heart in them, making them far far more beautiful than a simply “spectacular shot”.


    • Thank you Marina, I’ve never heard that before:) I do put my heart into what I do from dreaming the location, to the experience and ultimately in the choice of images to share. Maybe that’s why I have so many images to post of Oregon! I truly love it there and dream of being old, walking those same beaches….


  3. Well your off to a heck of a start…. my thoughts on the NW coast are grounded in OLY NP in WA and Bandon and Florence in OR. I too loved the mood these places take my mind and camera. Pt #1 seems to show near far patterns and a sense of calm, almost zen like. If this is what you were after … it sure comes out in your photographic vision. A friend has recently adopted OR as his home, fellow photog Alex Moody… he also has a unique spin on this magical place. Can’t wait for pt deux πŸ™‚


    • The Olympics are flat out awesome! I’ve come across Alex’s work a while ago and feel the peace there in his images. I did focus a lot on patterns and it proved to be extremely helpful in breaking down an enormous vista. I think I have a whole set of just that! I truly appreciate the thoughts, Mike, it’s always interesting how people interpret the same scene or image.


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      • Never been to Utah, great place. I lived in Las Vegas and been out to the deserts in San Diego, been through AZ a few times. Im in Western NY now. I will even more when I move to Arizona! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the convos.


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