Oregon Coast, A Closer View (pt. 2)


The combination of spending much time in an amazing place gave me many, many images to choose from!  My last post contained wider angle views of the beautiful landscape there and I definitely have more to come of those.  While out photographing, my eye is also drawn to more intimate scenes with patterns of light, shadows and interesting design.  I enjoy shooting these types of images just as much as your traditional landscapes because I believe they add more to the story and experience.


Often times, great landscape images only show one or two unique features in the foreground, some depth and some great light throughout.  The more intimate and often neglected small scenes seem to bring out more detail and capture the overall scene by their sum.  Plus, they’re fun to shoot!  Isn’t having fun and seeking composition/light/balance what it’s all about?



I’ll be posting more images from my new favorite place in Oregon on an upcoming post.  The last image is from this place and it rhymes with Cape Kiwanda.  Actually, all but 2 of the images on this post are from there but that’s the beauty of photographing smaller landscapes.  You wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t tell you.  If you’ve ever been there you know why I’m in love with it.  If you’ve not been, do a quick Google search and you’ll see why!  Looking back I should have stayed there for a month!

Enjoy and thank you all for looking:)








34 thoughts on “Oregon Coast, A Closer View (pt. 2)

    • Thanks:) I almost didn’t post that image but I’m glad I did. I probably took over 500 shots from the beach you see in that image over a few days. The view to the left is pretty sweet.


      • I can understand why you took so many images. The light seemed to be just perfect. After I take that many images (sometimes in just an afternoon) I always have troubles figuring out which ones to keep!


    • Thanks Mike! I think it takes time to notice those things. I too walk right by them if I don’t spend enough time watching first. That was the point of my trip and I’m still browsing through images! I’ve got a post coming up soon of Cape Kiwanda where I took lots of time watching and photographing. One of my favorite places:) Thanks again for your feedback and inspiration! EE


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