Meteor Shower???


I headed out at 3:45 am this morning and plan to do the same the next few mornings with hopes of catching the annual Perseid Meteor Shower.  I only saw 1 in 3 hours of being outside this morning due to cloudiness but had a fun time nonetheless:)  Came away with this fun image from my backyard!  Dreamland….



20 thoughts on “Meteor Shower???

  1. Same here, these two last nights were disappointing for the meteor shower. Only saw one with a beautiful trail and another two or three small ones, but I didn’t have nowhere your resilience and stayed out for one hour if that much. This next night will be better, hopefully, but unfortunately I will not be in a place with a dark sky 😦
    Your photo really compensates for the absence of star trails.


    • I’ll try, maybe I’ll get lucky! Looking north east in this view which allows for less star trail effect at longer shutter times. We get a lot of light bouncing off clouds from Salt Lake City but the clear skies are dark enough.


  2. Very nice picture. I was up there at Uncle Uncanny music festival on the other side of Jordanelle over the weekend. And I was up and looking but didn’t see many myself. But tracers were everywhere! Ha


  3. Oh, this is simply gorgeous…are you into romances? Look for my upcoming short story, Tahoe, set in 1983 LA – that’s right, no beepers, cell phones, or high speed internet AND this is the year a tornado surprised LA – and in this story, a photographer falls for an attorney overcoming post traumatic stress disorder…


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