More of the Oregon Coast


I’ve had a busy past few weeks as I continue to work on an upcoming project.  Luckily, that project involves a lot of shooting so I’ve given my camera a good workout too!  I’m still going through images from Oregon and wanted to share a few more.  I think I have at least one more post about Cape Kiwanda for my next one but several of these shots are from there as well.


I included 2 images of the ocean waves and although they are blurry from my lens being covered in salt spray, I still like them.  It reminds me of being there and being covered in salty mist.  Literally covered!  The wind blows nonstop and the sand and salty mist can be a nightmare for your camera equipment.  At one point I decided to just go with it and if my pics were full of water spots then so be it.  That’s how it is:)



I spent quite a bit of time watching the ocean waves as they crashed into the giant seawall and then collided with incoming waves.  At times, the ocean seemed to be dancing and momentarily appeared happy.  Then the dancing stopped and waves once again pounded the rocks and shoreline.  I may have an image of that for my next post.   It was incredible to see and it took over 2 hours of sitting in one place to observe that.  Before then, it all looked like waves.  Watching the ocean dance was one of the highlights of my entire time on the road.  I’m not sure I can really explain it and those who’ve seen it happen know what I’m talking about:)


I’ll let the images speak for themselves now.



EE2_5039elow-004 EE2_5004elow-002

P.S.  Thank you again to all who’ve sent messages of support the past few weeks.  My brother is doing MUCH better and is home and happy.  He’s still struggling with the recovery and is meeting with neurological specialists to strengthen his memory and motor skills.  It’s a long road ahead but he’s 100x stronger than I will ever be:)



23 thoughts on “More of the Oregon Coast

  1. Glad to hear things are working out…. what a moving set of comps. Your vision of this place is very inspiring. Makes me want visit again….errr… i too am still knocking that sand out of my tri-pod 🙂


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