Goodbye Summer in Park City, UT


I’ve been shooting a LOT recently around Park City!  The 4:00 a.m. alarm has been replaced by the 5:00 a.m. alarm with the shorter days and I’m not complaining!  I’ve never liked sleeping in but 4 is a little early;)  The shorter days and cooler temps have brought a change in color to the landscape around Park City.  The lush greens with flowers have been replaced by browns, yellows and reds.  Combined with great light, these autumn colors glow and are great to photograph.


We’ve also been having some amazing light this summer.  Numerous thunderstorms and very few clear, blue days have led to great conditions for photography.  The trick is to be out later or get up earlier.  This, combined with life, can be exhausting but once again, no complaints:)


I’ll be posting some more photos from yesterday morning because it was one of the most amazing light shows I’ve seen since the one in this post.  Within 1/2 hour, I saw pink/orange skies, lightning, fog, the moon, a double rainbow and a killer sunrise overall.  It was just one of those days!


If you’d like to see more images from Park City, UT you can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook.  I try to post a few on each site per week.  Hope you all enjoyed your summer as I’ve already said goodbye to my least favorite season (winter #1)!  Enjoy, EE




31 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer in Park City, UT

    • Ha Ha! I just like winter, spring and fall more;) It’s been a great summer in Park City and we keep getting rain. It stayed green all summer until now; the browns, yellows and reds are coming out already. Fall is a time for relaxation in my mind, yet I’ll stay busier than ever with my camera. I’ve got some exciting news I’ll hopefully announce soon. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoy the small sampling I posted. I should do another one with more pics! Have a great week!! EE


    • Thanks Amelie:) Yup, fall temps are here and the leaves are changing to browns with a few yellows and reds starting to come out. I’ll definitely have some fall pics coming as I get out more and more! Happy fall!! EE


  1. I’m not ready for fall! Here along the Pacific coast, that means rain until late spring. Our first real storm of the season is rolling in right now, about a month early – the storms usually don’t really start until late September or October. I’m hoping it’s just a fluke.


    • I’ll have to catch up on your blog. Do you live in long beach? I lived in Seattle for 6 years and consider the pnw my other home. I tend to like rain, grey and storms 🙂 Here, we get some early storms but also many clear, crisp blue days during the fall. That …..I love!!!


      • Near it! You’re the first one I’ve “met” who knew where Long Beach is. 🙂 Most of the time, I have to say “Astoria – where The Goonies was made” before people have some idea of where I am.


      • I love the oysters from Willapa Bay! I tell people here I lived in Washington and everyone assumes DC. I guess Washington is still a bit obscure. Especially a place called Long Beach!


    • Thank you, Park City is a neat place and this summer has been incredible. The fall is on hold for a bit with all the rain we’ve had but will make its comeback in full force this week! And yes, I do love it:)


  2. Hello Eric,

    These are great photos that you have taken recently. I’m waiting myself here in Aspen for the leaves to turn, as well, and get some great shots. Shoot me an email.


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