Glacier National Park As You’ve Never Seen Before, I Promise

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I had a conversation with a nice lady today about Glacier National Park. She REALLY wanted to visit that special place sometime in her life. Her smile was pure and I could tell her mind was dreaming of being there while talking with me. I’ve been to Glacier many times in my life and will lay eyes on this spectacular landscape many, many more times. If you’ve ever been there or seen images of this magical place you probably can visualize being there every time you see another image from the park. It is really that amazing!

What really struck me about our conversation is that she’s never seen a photo of Glacier National Park in her life. She’s dreamed of the place, she’s imagined being there, imagined smelling the forest, hearing the waterfalls and cascades, smelling the fields of wildflowers and imagined standing next to Lake McDonald in the morning and feeling about as calm and relaxed as you’ll ever feel in your life.

How do I know this? She’s blind and has been her whole life.

I envy her ability to visualize more than she’ll ever know:)



28 thoughts on “Glacier National Park As You’ve Never Seen Before, I Promise

    • Thanks Marina. It was another one of those moments when I felt humbled. Yet we both connected in our desire to feel the beauty of a place. I have a feeling she gets that a lot more than I ever will. Cheers to a new month too! Oh, was browsing your site for a piece to have in my home:) EE


    • I was fortunate to grow up in Montana and have been there many times. Sometimes in rain, in snow, in fog, in smoky skies…doesn’t matter. Its always beautiful. If we all could be as thrilled with just being somewhere as the lady I met, this world would be a little better:) Cheers and have a happy Fall, Dan. EE


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