If I was a Painter I would Paint…..


There are certain times when I’m out photographing that I don’t feel like simply clicking the shutter to record what’s in front of me.   Maybe the light is a little off, maybe the trees are a little less white or maybe I don’t see the composition I want.  During these moments, I use my camera differently and see the forest of aspens differently.  I look for patterns, contrasts and interesting shapes.  I then paint the image I want with my camera.


I won’t go into technical details on how the images were made but I’ll tell you I don’t use Photoshop and these images took less than 2 minutes to edit.  Give it a try sometime when you’re out shooting and maybe you’ll see the forest or a field of flowers in a different way.  The scene doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, it’s what and how you see that’s important.





16 thoughts on “If I was a Painter I would Paint…..

  1. Tried this many times and love how you have expressed the place and mood in these comps. Not as easy as most people think… light, color and the ability to let loose and build upon ones experiences are crucial. Here’s to letting go and putting a lil soul in ones pics !!!!! 🙂


    • Thanks Mike! I’ve practiced this a lot over the last 2 years and have a large collection of colors and patterns. I’ll have to post more soon! You’re right, it’s not as easy as it may appear. I’m not sure if I can describe the best conditions for shooting these types of images but they’re not the typical photography conditions of great light and “rules”. Mostly they are uninteresting scenes as a traditional image but far better to convey a message of color and calmness; 2 qualities I enjoy with photography:) Plus, nobody can ever recreate them and are 100% unique! I bet you could have some fun with this style with your motocross images? Maybe some contrasting colors in the back as a biker zooms by?


    • I’m right there with you! Sometimes a certain scene is perfect for these type of shots, especially if there’s a nice mix of colors. I feel you can capture the overall palette easier like this. There’s several more on my website if you want to look:) Thanks!


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