An Amazing Morning in Park City


The morning of August 24th, 2013 was simply amazing.  Park City has been receiving quite a bit of rain this summer and every once in a while the sky has cleared at night.  I’d been waiting for this to happen so I could capture some foggy scenes in one of the meadows.  I headed out on my bike via headlamp to a familiar location, riding through pockets of promising cold air.  By the time I reached the meadow, the air was cold and there was a shallow fog throughout the meadow.  Just what I was looking for.  What I got instead was drastically different!


A thunderstorm erupted over the Wasatch Mountains at sunrise and them abruptly cleared behind it creating a pocket of blue sky.  I’m not sure how but the light coming through the distant clouds and the nearby fog created light I’ll never forget.  The towering clouds became fluorescent orange and red while pockets of light circled the foreground.  As the storm passed to the north a gigantic double rainbow formed.



I fired off quite a few shots before I just stood back and watched the light show unfold.   Sometimes photography can bring an amazing amount of emotion into an ordinary scene and sometimes Mother Nature decides to put on a show that cameras aren’t able to capture.  This was one that I’m not sure was possible to show in full.  This is the exact reason I love photography:)

Have a good weekend,





21 thoughts on “An Amazing Morning in Park City

    • I was impressed by the fog. Then the red light. Then the rainbows. What I couldn’t capture was the distant lightning under the rainbow from that dark cloud. Oh, and the moon peeking out above it all. Truly the whole pie:)


    • Thanks Mike. I spent many early mornings out and was lucky to witness this crazy morning exactly where I wanted to be with my camera by my side. Secondly, I let them sit for a bit before coming back to them to choose the ones that created the memory I have of that morning. We’re coming into fog season here so I’m sure I’ll be out there again soon. I’m enjoying the later mornings too!


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