Fall in Park City, UT 2013 — Its Here!


The switch has been flipped with force and the transition to fall has begun.  Nights have stayed warm due to all the cloudy, rainy days and this kept the red Mountain Maples from really peaking this year.  The monsoon finally let go and we got our first frost.  Then it got really good but that’s for the next post;)


Every hike has resulted in great views of small compositions and large vistas.  There’s been the regular wildlife of moose and elk and I’m always humbled by their dominance.   They are masters of the mountains.  I’m still seeking a crisp image of one or the other but have several smaller images that came out nice.  I’ve posted several of those on my Instagram.


I love fall and all its moods.  It can be insanely nice out, then frigid and then foggy.  Winter and Summer do battle and Winter always wins.  The change of seasons here is part of life and with it comes a change of lifestyle.  I’ve hiked many, many miles this summer and couldn’t have asked for more.  I’m hoping for the same outcome this fall:)


I’m thinking there will be a few more posts with fall colors since I have quite a few images from this amazing but different fall.  Stay tuned and enjoy!




19 thoughts on “Fall in Park City, UT 2013 — Its Here!

  1. Beautiful photography, I really love the color! I think my favorite is the sun peeking through the leaves. Photography is such a great hobby, I’m still relatively new to it, mainly take action shots of my dogs, lol. It’s amazing the things we can capture with a camera.


    • I totally agree about the feast! It seems to get better every day too. We had our first round of snow and more is on the way which makes for some great photos. I got a few to share from last weeks first snow:)


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