The First Snowfall in Park City, October 2013

Copy of EE3_7502e

Well, it cooled down all right.  We made the change from summer to fall for good over the past 2 1/2 weeks.  The rain ended, the frost came and then the cold front came.  Cold fronts in Utah mean a big change in weather and this one brought temps in the 20’s and snow.  We received about 1″ in town and slightly more on the mountain.  It fell as the colors peaked and as the sky cleared, Park City became crazy beautiful!



Fall colors with fresh snowfall isn’t as common as you’d think.  Too early, not enough colors.  Too late and everything is brown or stripped bare.  When conditions are right like this, you can best believe I’m outside shooting and hiking!  It could all be gone in a matter of hours!  And that’s what it did.  24 hours later and this was gone and leaves changed FAST.



As I edited and hoped for some good images I checked the forecast and guess what, more snow!  It was a repeat of the week before but this time we got more snow (6″ in town) and the colors were better!  Hiking and shooting again for me.  This is one of my absolute favorite times to hike and that’s exactly what I did.  Miles of trails, muddy clothes, soaked and cold, 5 a.m. hikes via headlamp and many days of shorted sleep.  This is what it took to shoot these.  What did I get?  An experience I’ll always remember and some amazing images to share.  All images on this post are in the order I took them.


I’ve got a Part 2 coming and possibly a Part 3:)  Stay tuned in a few days, images are ready to go!  Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do.


EE3_7787eelow-006 EE3_7802elow-007 EE3_7823elow-008 EE3_7826elow-009 EE3_7833elow-010 EE3_7845elow-011 EE3_8608elow-012


41 thoughts on “The First Snowfall in Park City, October 2013

  1. It’s been one of my life-long ambitions to find a vista that I can photgraph from identical angles in four different seasons to show sun, snow, bud and fall. I never got to do it, but perhaps you know of such a location? 🙂


  2. This is really a splendid series! Autumn and winter so perfectly blended together is magnificent. I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before 🙂


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