The First Snowfall in Park City, UT, Part 2


I don’t have much else to say in addition to what I posted on Part 1.  There’s nothing quite like a sunny day after a fresh snow and when that all happens on peak fall foliage Mother Nature puts on quite a show.   Knowing this I planned another 5:00 a.m. hike and headed up into the snow.  One funny story from this is I woke up a small herd of moose that were sleeping on the trail.  Ever come up on sleeping moose in the night?  This was a little to close to nature for me!



Aside from the moose, I also woke up two herds of elk and countless deer.   I thought they’d be used my headlight up there all the time!  I wish I could’ve recorded sounds to go along with some of the images in this post and my next one.  Bull elk were bugling, cow elk were calling and the still, snow-covered forest was humming with animal sounds.  It was definitely a good morning!

Enjoy the images and hope you are enjoying autumn wherever you are:)



The wind causes aspens to appear painted and not crisp. Perfect:)


Deer Valley Resort peeks out after the first snow with Town Lift in the foreground.





37 thoughts on “The First Snowfall in Park City, UT, Part 2

  1. Balm for the Soul. So cool to be equipped with this visual as I go into the last day of a verrrry long week. I can feel the cold air in my lungs. Deft touch on the shutter – as always. Travel well. Dan


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  3. WOW, Mother Nature sure is great, particularly when a wonderful photographer is on hand to capture the beauty! Exquisite! I too love Tuolumne Meadows – was just there a few weeks ago. Beautiful! Glad I found you to follow.


    • @egghil, thank you! Nothing is better for my soul than walking with a camera. Up a mountain, through a forest or on the beach…doesn’t matter. I have a strong desire to explore far and close and the combination drives my photography. Mother Nature can blow you away and put any photo you’ve ever seen to shame. This is why I photograph and try to capture a slice of it or when she winks;)


  4. What beautiful photos. I’m especially enchanted by the deep orange leaves on the fresh snow, and those yellow birch leaves with snow behind. Really stunning images of an incredible place. Thank you for sharing 🙂


    • Thanks! I love the orange aspens and they are a bit more rare. This small grove was in color for only a few weeks. All the leaves have fallen as of yesterday but we can stare at the photo until next year:)


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