First Snow in Park City, UT Part 3


Fresh snow blankets the Wasatch Mountains as the fall colors approach their peak

I’m wrapping up this series of posts capturing the first snowfall(s) of the season in Park City, UT. (Part 1 and Part 2) Peak fall colors are dazzling to the eye under any condition.  Every fall is different because of local weather patterns and this transition is fascinating to me.  The color this year had a plan all along.  It wasn’t going to show off its reds with contrasting blue skies.  Nope.  It chose yellow, maroon, brown, grey, orange and white for its colors this year.  There were some blue sky days mixed in as well with temperatures rebounding to 70!


Interesting patterns frozen in place

Fall has entered the next transition now into a more ghostly and subtle display.  Leaves are blown from trees as the storms intensify and strike Utah.  Winter can happen in the blink of an eye around here and another year will have to pass before we see this beautiful display again.  So get out and enjoy fall wherever you are and those who’ve never seen fall colors or snow or the combination……enjoy the images:)



Looking up Thaynes Canyon on a beautiful fall morning


An avalanche of color



The aspens are beginning to become stripped by approaching storms


12 thoughts on “First Snow in Park City, UT Part 3

    • Glad you like that one! That 1 pine has given me several compositions and I’m nowhere near done with it yet. Did you notice the old wooden trestle in the trees? Park City has a great reputation of preserving its heritage and there are old buildings and relics everywhere. Skiing by one in the winter, hiking by one in the summer and watching the seasons change around it is an amazing experience.


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