Old Man Winter Knocked and Entered


Fall in Park City was spectacular this year with several snowfalls coating the colorful landscape.   As the snow melted, fall came back for a visit bringing warm sunny days and cool nights.  Then snow.  Then Sunburn.  Now Old Man winter let himself in to stay for a while:)


In other news,  I made a VERY special announcement on my FB page !  I won’t go into details here about it, I’ll stick with photos.  Enjoy some scenes from Park City and yes, these were all recently!  More to come soon!






13 thoughts on “Old Man Winter Knocked and Entered

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    • Thanks Allison! The seasons are amazing here and it seems there’s never a bleak day. Stay tuned here for more photos, I’ll be posting much, much more here soon. I’ve been slacking here a bit;) Thanks again and come on out!


    • Thank you Paula! It sure is a beautiful area and I make it a point to get outside often here. I think that has been the key to seeing things differently here, being out often:) I have MUCH more to come soon. Thanks again!


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