Milestone Passed, Thank You All!

I didn’t think this would happen in 2013 but here we go!  My blog just reached 5,000 followers today:) For this special occasion, I wanted to do something special and I thought of just the thing…


The Space Needle is reflected off the EMP building in Seattle

I began to really learn and practice photography in Seattle as I walked through downtown, through the Cascades and along the beaches. During this time I discovered a few vantage points where the Space Needle was discretely reflected in interesting design . I took a few pictures and then last year, while in Seattle for my “real job”, I made it a priority to complete this project. I’ve been hanging on to it for something special and this day has come:)


Rain patterns mimic the Seattle Center patterns, or vice versa

Those who have ever spent time in Seattle have seen the Space Needle, guaranteed. You can’t miss it, even in the rain;) There are a billion other views though than the classic ones and this project of mine set out to capture that. In fact, this notion of finding an alternate view has defined my photography and taught me to see the world with an open mind. This album represents this open viewpoint throughout every image and captures one of the great qualities of life in the Pacific Northwest. Have a look!

Thank you all who have followed my journey through the years and to all my new followers.  I promise to have much more in 2014 and I couldn’t be more content than at this very moment.  Happy Holidays!



Fallen leaves and a rain puddle reflect the Space Needle


27 thoughts on “Milestone Passed, Thank You All!

    • Thanks Colleen!! I’m constantly learning and pushing myself with photography. I feel like 2013 has been an incredible year and I’m more excited than ever for 2014!! Love ya and thanks again, Eric


  1. Congratulations Eric!!! Your photos do give me a sense of calmness amidst the busy day. They truly are amazing. Glad to follow you and looking forward for the next years photos.


    • Thank you so much Kundhavai:) I always appreciate you looking and am so happy to hear they bring a pleasant feeling to your life. I get more satisfaction knowing you and others may smile a bit more by sharing my images and journey here. Thank you as always for reading, commenting and following along. Happy Holidays to you:) EE


    • Thanks Earl, I’ll have to do a shout out post soon highlighting the photographers I follow! I’m glad you enjoy the photos and I’m trying to post more often. Thanks for the comment and I’ll be browsing your work again soon:) EE


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  3. What a great shot of the Space Needle – imaginative use of the sunset colors – and, in terms of composition, the window reflections create a surreal distortion of the Needle. Well done!
    I like the minimalism and the intense colors.


    • Thanks Karen! Those sunset colors are the actual color of the building! The EMP and Seattle Center are definitely not “normal” and I think this is why it is such a fun place to shoot. The Seattle Center was one of my practice grounds for years. There is such a variety there and just outside the Seattle Center are where I shot most of my reflection images. I’ll be uploading many more today to this gallery:

      Have a look there and thank you for commenting! You have some great pics on your site too. You seem to enjoy a simple, clean and crisp style which I like:) EE


  4. Thanks for taking such great photos! 5,000 followers, that’s amazing! Congrats! Also that gallery with all the Space Needle photos is awesome. Makes me want to visit the Pacific Northwest someday.


    • Amelie, thank you so much and another thank you for being a long-time supporter! I’m going to add more to the Space Needle gallery and I hope you get to visit Seattle and the NW someday. It is a special little corner of the world that has so much to offer. The landscapes are incredible, the food is some of the best I’ve ever had and the people are genuine:) Thank you again and happy holidays to you! Eric


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