Crater Lake – Revisited


I mentioned in my last post about Yosemite National Park that there was a view there that literally took my breath away.  Its a view I’ll never forget and one that brings a genuine smile when I remember it.  There’s another place I came across that did this same thing at Crater Lake, OR.  The photo at the top is the very first photo I took at Crater Lake.


There was still quite a bit of snow at the Crater Lake Lodge and only a short section of the rim drive was open.  It was also Saturday and the weather was beautiful and calm.  Once again, this was a recipe for crowds which defeats the purpose of going to such a relaxing place.   I drove up the road around sunrise not knowing what to expect.   The snow became deeper and the trees thinned as I approached the rim.  This view, the first time I saw Crater Lake, took my breath away.


6 miles of blue glass surrounded by mountains with an island in the middle.



It was simple, pure, quiet and one of the most beautiful views my eyes have ever seen.  Nothing was moving.  No wind.  No ripples.  Nothing except blue.  This was an incredible moment for me as a photographer too.  I saw a blue I didn’t know existed nor one that I’d dreamed about.  This blue, this view, created the ultimate calmness and the day passed slower than almost all others.  I watched a the breeze slightly ripple the lake then watch it calm to pure glass again.  It did get slightly rippled in the evening but I suppose that’s all right:)  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  Well,  my version of fun involves time slowing down and I can think of no better place to dream about doing just that:)




A very gentle breeze blew a few times



22 thoughts on “Crater Lake – Revisited

  1. This is one place after Grand Canyon which mesmerised me on my visit during the time when it was covered with snow. Stunning pics. It truly is a beautiful place.


  2. I too can’t think of a better place to slow down and dream… Undoubtedly this is an extraordinary place, however -as I like to repeat- it is your eye that captures such unique and beautiful angles. Amazing, my friend! 🙂


    • Crater Lake is a place to dream for sure. I caught it on a nice day but it can be quite mystical during storms from photos I’ve seen. Those days of deep, calm blue sure do sooth the soul:) Glad I was able to share this in some way. Thank you as always Marina, very much appreciated!!


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  4. This is amazing! I remember the feeling when I first arrived at that same point at Crater Lake. Just in complete awe. For me, it was June and there was still several feet of snow on the ground, yet it was 75 degrees outside. AMAZING photos! I’m launching a gamified mobile photography app soon at, would love you to check it out. Just starting our blog at


    • Thank you! Crater Lake is stunning for sure and I’m glad to hear you had that same “awe” moment! Good luck with your project, it looks interesting! I’ll check back on it in a while and wish you the best. EE


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    • Claire, I think I got lucky with a stellar day and no wind! Even with a majority of the roads closed due to snow, you don’t need to venture far. Those rocking chairs at the Crater Lake Lodge are just right:) Thanks!


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