Top 10 Image Review – “Align”

Top 10 Review – “Align”



I’m not sure how this will look as a low-res image but we’ll try. There are faint stars visible in this image and gave this image its title, “Align”.

This image was from high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California near 12,000 ft. I camped here and the next morning had one of the best experiences of my life summiting Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the Lower 48. The skyline is as jagged as it gets and the sun was setting behind the peaks. With few clouds, my hopes of capturing an incredible sunset fizzled but these few wispy clouds blew over at the last light of day. This was at the exact moment a few stars began to shine and I watched until they all aligned before clicking the shutter.

There are plenty of other photos of the full Milky Way and plenty of photographers out there showcasing this.  These subtle scenes of one star or a few stars aligned speak just as loud to me and draw me into the scene.

I hope you enjoy this image and it brings you the same calming, inspiration it brings me.   The day following this was one of the best days of my life:)




8 thoughts on “Top 10 Image Review – “Align”

  1. These images are gorgeous, as always. And I enjoyed the names you gave them. The best I can describe it is, it gave them an extra dimension.

    But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why you gave the name “Align”. I looked and looked, I squinted my eyes and tilted my head–nothing. (I even thought maybe the word might have been used improperly). And then you explained about the fleeting sunlight, the mountain range, the moving cloud, and then finally the little star, all aligning for that single shot. THAT’S BRILLANT!

    All these varied elements working together to disclose that one lone star in that immense darkening sky that could have been missed so easily within just a few seconds or less. But everything “aligned” including the photographer. And, and, and you even have to align the viewer with your narrative so that there could be understanding of the name. That’s genius! So many complexities at work in a seemingly simple image.


    • Laura, thank you so much!!! There’s much happening in this seemingly simple image as you said. This cloud was moving FAST and I have no other images that capture this moment. I’ve included a link to a full size image for you to look at the stars, there’s a few more than one;) I can’t wait to print this one! It was a longer exposure so you can see the stars actually beginning to trail. I liked the title because it was a time of alignment for me, for the stars, the clouds and the mountain. Seeing small digital images online can be difficult for subtle images such as this one. I’m so happy you looked into this image more. I’m trying to incorporate more of this in my imagery:) Thank you as always and happy 2014!! Eric

      –I’ve edited this image several times looking for the right balance, I may just have to print a few:)


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