Top 10 Image Review – “Sculptor”

Top 10 Image Review – “Sculptor”



I put much thought and effort into selecting 10 images out of the thousands I shot in 2013 and this one immediately made the cut. It was shot in a place in Southern Utah that many, many (did I say many) people photograph. If you’ve seen extensive images of Southern Utah, you’ve seen one of this place guaranteed.

This image was taken in harsh, mid-day light when 99% of photographers out there say you can’t take good images. Well, I’ve got a bit of news for you, you can take nice images during the day! It’s not what you see but how you see it. This little creek happens to get the BEST light during the middle of the day due to bouncing light off the canyon and from deep within this little slot.

I searched for a scene that caught my eye and noticed the water would occasionally splash higher than the main stream. During a long exposure, this looks like an arm and I had the image I was looking for. I love the way it appears the water is reaching its arm to gracefully sculpt this curve. Time passes, water flows and beauty is born.

Welcome to the desert, created by the “Sculptor”.



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