Months of Searching & Hundreds of Miles Walked


I’ve long been inspired by Marina Kanavaki’s artwork, especially her series “As Above So Below”. These paintings show reflections of shapes both above and below the surface that are differently colored and asymmetrical. They share a common ground though and each color scheme is unique. Much meaning can be derived from simple scenes.

For the past 6+ months, I’ve been searching for my own interpretation using her work as inspiration. I’ve lied in mud, snow, water and I’ve walked hundreds of miles. I’ve tried to capture images (unsuccessfully) many times. The other night, I was composing an image and I was waiting for the light to even out a bit. While waiting, I explored the area for other compositions that I could capture after the one I was set up for. This scene caught my eye because of the interesting pattern of ice. There was nothing special about the light so I think I looked at it for a few seconds and passed on.

After the right light arrived for the image I was shooting, I immediately went to this spot and composed this shot. The light was just right and by the time I shot this exposure, reviewed it in the LCD display and composed for another shot, the light was gone. I took 2 other shots but this one was the keeper.

I was immediately excited and knew that this image was the one I’d been seeking, yet I didn’t know it until it happened. That moment, that light, the circumstances to create the right ice and the fact I was there and ready with my camera are the exact reasons I love photography.

I highly encourage you to visit Marina’s blog/site. I hope you find inspiration from her work and perhaps you’ll see life a little different. A little happier. A little more connected. A little simpler.



26 thoughts on “Months of Searching & Hundreds of Miles Walked

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  2. Eric — Here’s the idea that just hit me. I’ve spoken before of how cool I think your ‘eye’ is as an photog. But maybe here’s the real grain of Truth. Maybe what gives you such perspective is you rely on it for the courage to step out and take on someone else’s sightline. Whether its you or someone else’s work, you make it easy to recognize a chord that resonates with all of us. Wouldn’t want it any other way. Very cool. I’ve adopted Marina’s pic as the new desktop wallpaper…I’ve got a funny feeling it’s going to take a few days for it to bubble up inside. Nicely done. Dan


    • Dan, what a great comment. I’ve held off replying because this hit home with me. Photography to me is an emotional connection and not a pretty picture of a scenic place. Sometimes that connection comes from a rock or a tree or the entire sky. Every once in a while, a few elements line up when I’m there and ready. This is what keeps me searching:) I learned some time ago that it is important to help others smile a little brighter and a little more often. If I can do this through photography then I’m content. I sincerely hope you enjoy Marina’s work. It really reminds me of how connected everything is in this world. Take care and thank you for your thoughts, always welcomed:) EE


    • Lara, thank you. This means a lot to me as I find there are often words to say along side an image. They don’t have to explain the image, they don’t have to give the camera settings or tell one how to recreate the image, but I feel words add depth to an image. There’s an Ansel Adams quote “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words” that speaks to this. I do feel though, that speaking about the experience adds a personal connection and that CAN’T be contained within ANY image. An artist may have a unique style, but hearing from a person is completely different than a unique and consistent style. This is also why I love photography and blogging:) Thank you again, Eric


      • No problem 🙂 and I agree, you can have a wonderfully perfect photograph that doesn’t need any explanation, but it is still nice to hear a bit of background and sentiment behind the shot. Keep up the great work! Lara.


  3. I am honored, Eric! I really don’t know what to say! THANK YOU!
    This is an ongoing series which represents the oneness or “as within, so without”, to me. [hope this makes sense]
    I’m so happy it has triggered your inspiration to a very unique and exceptional outcome.
    I’m speechless!


  4. Dear Eric, I am most delighted to read this post — for, I, am an avid admirer of Marina’s art. I recall days at BID and how I would anxiously wait to view the visual treats at her blog. Just like yourself, I, too, have often been inspired by her creative vein. This is a very significant post, for, which I believe Marina deserves international recognition for her persona and skills. Hurrah for, my dear Marina !

    And, for you, doost– I may not visit frequently as I wish, but, am making changes to my approach for WordPress (again!), thus, shall be visiting you often. Am so very happy to be part of your domain both as a friend and as someone who admires your writing.

    Wishing you and Marina much success in your creative endeavours. Missing you doost e man ! Cheers, Shaheen


    • Shaheen, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you visit my blog and others when you can! I’ll write as much as I can when the post allows although sometimes I like the images to speak. I assure you many images and words to come in 2014 and beyond! Thank you again, Eric


  5. A beautiful Capture Eric.. and I am pleased Marina guided me here from her post.. And yes Marina is a talented artist and I love the photo you have taken.. a true reflection indeed of your own as above so below… Thank you for sharing.. ~Sue 😉


      • I couldn’t agree more.. I use water colour to paint but her simple brush strokes ( which I know are not simple at all ) speak to me much in the same way 🙂 Thank you Eric for replying and you have a lovely Blog 🙂


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