Winter Warm Up in Park City, UT


One of my goals for 2014 is to shoot more during the winter.  So far, I’ve shot more than all other years combined!  I’ll be sharing images soon and I plan to focus on blogging more as well.  To get started I wanted to share a recent conversation and inspiration.


Its been very warm recently with rain and snow up high in the mountains.  Much snow has melted and it looks rather bleak to many locals.  I happened to meet a lady yesterday that lives on a tropical island and was visiting Park City.  I noticed she had a camera around her neck so naturally, I struck a conversation.

“Are you getting some good pictures of all the snow?”

“YEAH!!  Probably too many!” she answered.  I also learned this was her first time seeing snow at 27 years old.


Her smile was ear to ear and she couldn’t have been more excited.  Compare that to the many complaints I’ve overheard recently of the lack of snow, the warm temperatures and the rain.  I told her she’d probably view the thousands of tourists taking pictures of the beach a bit differently now.


What she didn’t know was that I was incredibly inspired by her optimism to simply see snow.  So I woke up early this morning and set out to shoot a few images that wouldn’t be possible without snow.  The temperature was 52 degrees, the snow was slushy and melting and the sky was grey.  This was just the bleak, boring and dull conditions I was looking for as a challenge.  I wanted to see if I could photograph some pleasing images and show that it’s not what you see but how you choose to see it.  All 5 images here are from this morning and regardless if they’re keeper images or not, I smiled all day long:)





8 thoughts on “Winter Warm Up in Park City, UT

  1. That’s interesting people in Utah complain about the lack of snow! But then I guess you guys are used to it. We New Yorkers are very much looking forward to spring, to put it mildly (though with our track record this winter it may be here to stay until April!).


    • I bet you’re looking forward to the spring! I love snow as much as anyone but I like it in the mountains. People in Utah are a bit “snobby” with the snow and if it’s not perfect or deep enough, some complain. I like any snow, no matter how much:) Hang tight til spring!!


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