A Photographic Journey Through Time

New Light

New Light

I’m in the process of refreshing my website ericephoto.com with images that reflect my current style.  Before doing so, I’m reviewing older images and sharing those I may have missed or ones I view differently now.  I’ve posted several on my Facebook page Eric E Photo but I’m going to continue the review on my blog instead.

I’ve always loved taking pictures and sharing my experiences.  Over the past year, I’ve submerged myself in photography and I’d like to think I’ve grown a little.  Many of you are new to this blog and many have followed since I began this blog in 2009.  I invite you to follow along as I post images from 2010 – present that I feel reflect my current style.

I won’t be discussing technical details and EXIF info because it doesn’t matter.  I’ll be sharing the experience, the memory and possibly what I learned.  I hope you’re inspired to shoot more, explore more and never stop using your mind in YOUR way.

Follow along and enjoy the journey:)



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