Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park

Flower Trail

A quick post with a few photos from Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park, 2010.  I’m posting older photos that I feel I’d take today if I was there.  Many images are not exactly as I’d shoot them today but certain elements are present that I currently look for in images.

The first image is a simple composition that took a while to find.  I look for interesting patterns in the flowers, both of color and geometry.  It may take quite a long time of walking slow and looking at flowers to find an interesting arrangement.  Time well spent:)

The other 2 images have a diagonal and depth mix that is attractive to my eye.  Again,  I’d probably shoot the images a bit differently today but that’s how you learn.  I particularly like the B&W image because it is the last thing I expected to photograph and edit in a world of color!

Enjoy, I’ll post more tomorrow.  EE




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