Take Me There

Dream Lawn

Dream Lawn

I read a blog the other day by MJF Images (follow & read HERE) that talked about capturing a sense of place.  This was great timing as I have been thinking about that with my images as well.   I’m challenging myself to take fewer images this year but I want each image to say more.  Each place has a story and its up to the artist to represent that in a clear and concise manner.

These few images are from 26+ miles of backpacking in the pouring rain.  The trail is in Olympic National Park and remains one of my favorite backpacking trips ever.  I saw so many new sights, clicked hundreds of images and was in awe the entire time.  I won’t go into details and I’ll let the images tell the story of the 3 days in the rain.   You’ll have to go to the bottom to find the name of this place:)  EE

Rio Azul

Mario Land

The Visitor

Green Mile

PS:  The name of this place is aptly called Enchanted Valley.  It receives nearly 200″ rain per year and it loves every bit of it:)


10 thoughts on “Take Me There

  1. I think that sense of place is vital if the image is to be any more than a record of where you have been. I like to think that I am taking a photograph about a place rather than simply of it, and this really helps me to focus on what I want to say. You seem to have done this with your images too.


    • Thank you Eric. Its always the challenge to say what you want in the most clear way possible with a photograph. Creating a sense of place is one part of the equation, injecting your style and creativity is another. Looking forward to following your blog too! EE


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