Today Was Different

Click to enlarge and find the moon

I needed to get out and photograph a sunrise in Park City after much time reviewing images on the computer so I set out this morning to do just that.  I didn’t have a particular place in mind, just a snow-covered path to walk on with the moon and Venus still very bright.  I walk this path regularly and have taken many pictures from various places along this path.  It never ceases to amaze me the variety of images that come from knowing a place and visiting it frequently.

Slow Melt

It’s been warm around here and much snow has melted in the valley.  Cold nights refreeze the snow making for easier walking in places that I couldn’t walk before.  I used this firm snow to explore a bit off the trail and came away with a few new views of familiar scenes.  I’m hoping to go out tomorrow too and explore this “new” area more.

Note: This image is a quick edit and incomplete but I still like it

Perhaps the best part of today’s normal photo walk came as I passed an older guy that I see regularly.  We stop and talk about photography a bit each time but today was different.  Today, he had his camera and an old Nikkor lens.  He was walking his dog with his camera around his neck along the same path he walks all the time.  His face showed excitement and his eyes were scanning the surroundings.  I walked away smiling a little more with the hopes he got some good shots:)  EE

McPolin Barn


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