Winter Update from Park City, UT

“The 2nd Sunset”

I wanted to share a few images I’ve recently captured around Park City as I take a short pause in re-editing older images.  These images are all from near or in Park City as I continue to shoot several days a week.  I’m also in the process of making some changes with Eric E Photo both on my website and on Facebook.  I’ll save the social media aspect for another post as I’m trying a new approach.  The only thing I’ll mention is that I truly enjoy blogging and nothing is changing here, except me becoming more active.  Bloggers really are the best:)

“Winter Dance”

I’m thinking the next set of images from Park City will be spring images as it has already been nearly 60 several days.  The sun is intense at 7,000 feet and many days have brought vivid blue skies.  Winter was fairly mild this year with only cold stretch in December.  We’re back in the flow of spring storms though and from my photography eyes, that’s a good thing.  Storms bring incredible light and contrasting seasons!

Enjoy the few images from a place I’m happy to call home:)  EE





“Getting Warmer”






“Back of the Storm”



“Evening in the Aspens”



23 thoughts on “Winter Update from Park City, UT

  1. Gorgeous pictures, almost makes me want to move to Utah if it weren’t for all the snow for about half of the year! And I understand your frustrations with Facebook which is why I never launched a Facebook page. I’m sort of shy on social media (like in real life) and I’m not a full time blogger so I wouldn’t be posting every day. It just seemed like another thing I had to actively monitor like Twitter and Instagram which I also use. Also with Google + and Pinterest…. it’s too much! Maybe someday but not today.


    • Thank you! That image was about dusk and it was snowing heavily. I had to play around with distance and flash intensity to get the right sized/illuminated flakes. I also focused closer than the first tree so the scene would be soft. Then, fire a few shots hoping to catch a random pattern in the flakes that’s easy on the eye. So glad you enjoy it, the editing was really easy on this one since it was all done in the field! EE


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