Spring in Park City, UT

Colorful Moonset

Winter was fairly short-lived and relatively mild this year in Park City, UT.  The ski areas have had plenty of snow and we’ve enjoyed many days of great weather.  From a photography perspective, watching the seasons change and the landscape transform brings me much joy.  Winter weather isn’t quite done around here but the days in between bring warm and sunny skies:)


McPolin Barn Sunrise

These images are all from this previous week.  I’m getting a bit behind on sharing images here but I’ll catch up soon!  For now, enjoy the view and I look forward to sharing more soon.

Thank you,


Clearing Out


Under the Weather






9 thoughts on “Spring in Park City, UT

  1. Amazing shots as usual. Though I kind of raised my eyebrows at the “winter was relatively mild this year.” So not the case here on the East Coast, that’s for sure! The many potholes in the road beg to differ haha.


    • Haha, thanks!! We only had a few days of real cold, then mostly mild. I’ve heard from many people how opposite the winter has been out east!! Hang in there, spring is here and its bound to get nice:)


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