A Post About Photography Without Posting A Photo

Many of you who follow my blog are photographers of all levels and photography admirers.  I have a question that I recently asked myself and I wanted to open it up to others.  I’d love to hear your comments and I know many others will also love to hear the variety of responses.   In a small way, I hope this helps all of us visualize images before we make them:)

My question is “You’ve seen millions of images and I’m sure you have a favorite one.  Can you describe it without giving the location or a name?”

My answer to this question was this:  “My favorite image is from a place that has inspired millions of people throughout time. It is an image that captures a moment that is invisible to the naked eye. This image has allowed me to be in this place, to feel the air and to feel the pulse of the absolute stillness. It is a landscape as rugged as a saw blade yet inviting and full of welcome. There is no color and it leaves your mind open to interpret the scene as you imagine. I can see this place with my eyes closed because of this image and it is engrained in my mind.”

Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments:)

P.S.  A HUGE thank you to all who are recently following my blog after a previous post was Freshly Pressed!  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “A Post About Photography Without Posting A Photo

  1. My answer to your awesome question:

    “My favorite image is from a place so grand, so majestic that only the eye of a camera and a person’s soul could tell the story. It’s been an inspiration to me since I was but nine years old and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to not only venture to that place but I had to capture a story like it on my own. It instilled a hunger in me to reach toward the earth with my hand and hold on for breath of life. The reflections captured in the winding river combined with that beautiful sky painted in shades of grey, met those mountains with such force and such grace. He who captured that image first captured my heart forever.”


  2. Hmmm… easy but tough to describe… It is from a time both remembered and torn from me. It brings peace, solace and heartbreak because it was a place shared by two. This place was introduced to me by my brother who loves to hike… it then became a yearly ritual to visit and just sit and take in the sounds, the love of my life instantly feel in love with its magical touch. Throughout the years the visit would see my children in tow and as the years past only the two of us kept this ritual.. to sit, listen and reminisce about what it did for us… there is only one now but when I am there nature brings her back to me.


  3. The place I’m thinking of has been captured by camera many times. But when I finally went to see it in person I was astounded and soon realized that no camera could truly capture it. It stretches from horizon to horizon and my front-ward vision couldn’t take in the immense size of it. I had to turn my head left to right to take in its entirety. And each portion I took in was beautiful and awe-inspiring. I could have looked at it all day and still see something new the whole time. It was carved by an immense river eons ago and is still being carved today. Of course it is in the desert because I’m a desert girl at heart (also a dessert girl, but that’s a different story). Can you guess it?


    • My first guess would be the Grand Canyon. It is larger than life and it becomes more beautiful over time. There are other places in the desert that this could also be. The San Rafael Swell has a similar feature as well as Zion Canyon, Canyonlands National Park and the Glen Canyon NRA. All equally as impressive and a lifetime of exploration awaits. I love your description:) EE


  4. I don’t know if it is my favorite image but it was the one that came to mind instantly after reading your description. It is one that is very iconic and very famous, most people around the world have probably seen it in some shape or form. It is an image of spontaneity, joy, and celebration after long years of turmoil and conflict. It was also an image that created a lot of questions too and the mystery was only solved years after the picture was taken. I don’t think it’s too hard to guess what it is. 🙂


      • The answer is actually in my latest post (which is probably why I just instantly thought of it since I wrote the post today). You will definitely know it as soon as you see it. And here’s a hint: the picture was taken right as it was announced that WWII had ended.


      • Ah ha!! I’ve seen this picture but it was long ago. I’d forgotten about it actually, thank you for the reminder:) Also, great post on the High Line in NYC. Definitely my style of urban exploration and I loved reading through it!


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