Can A Camera Paint?

Untitled #1

I spent the afternoon walking with my camera but I wasn’t planning on making any images.  I was simply observing the color and shape of the landscape under a dreary, grey sky.  The glowing blue sky from earlier in the day gave way to a solid grey by evening which you wouldn’t think would be great for photography.

Untitled #2

I wasn’t out to shoot landscapes though given the light and my focus.  Through looking at the colors in a different manner I was able to find images to create that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t grey and drab.  I’ve always found it interesting that the greyest days can bring out the most color in photography:)

This final image is of a place I’ve passed by a hundred times and have been trying to figure out a way to capture it.  I have a slight variation in mind but overall, this one is what I was looking for.  Enjoy these few images from my artistic side and I hope you’re able to go out and shoot regardless of the sky.  You might just be amazed at what you see:)  EE

Untitled #3


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