Easter Sunday in Park City, UT

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Park City, UT.  I’ve always enjoyed the sunrise on Easter and this year I began a new tradition of seeing the sunrise from a mountain and skiing down.   I met up with a group of friends and we hiked to the top of a nearby mountain, in the rain, as the sky lightened.  Would there be a sunrise light show?


Easter Celebration


Obviously the answer was yes!  Watching the world wake up with brilliant color is always a treat and it feels more special on some days.  Sunday was one of those days whether or not you’re religious or spiritual.  It just looked pretty.


Later in the evening I decided to go out for a walk since the clouds were looking good for a sunset.  I arrived early, I found my spot and dialed in my composition.  No color.  I turned around to check behind me and saw the scene below!  I was able to find a composition I liked and I let the color in the sky do the rest.

Life has been a bit hectic (in a good way) and I’m hoping to return to blogging more:)

Thanks for looking, EE.

Easter Egg Sunset




17 thoughts on “Easter Sunday in Park City, UT

  1. beautiful pictures, this landscape, it looks amazing, i’ve never been to a mountain, before but i really want. I live in the netherlands and its all so flat and small! But we have got sea ☺. do you live nearby the mountains? I really want to go on vacation to the USA!


    • This just made my day:) I’ve grown up surrounded by mountains and long to spend more time by the sea. I hope to never take the mountains for granted and I hope you enjoy every part of the sea. Thank you and I hope you make it here to visit sometime:) EE


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