30 Years Ago Today

A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words – Ansel Adams


April 22, 1984, is marked in history as the day Ansel Adams passed away.   I’m not sure if its right to say he left anything behind as he continues to inspire millions of people.  Photographers study his images and techniques, viewers admire his images and his work speaks to people in all languages.  Check out the video in the link below (1/2 hour long) to get more of a glimpse into the mind of this master.

This image is of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, May 2013.

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9 thoughts on “30 Years Ago Today

    • Thank you Allison! That is a cool documentary, I’ve watched it a few times:) And thanks for the compliment, I’m fortunate to have discovered my passion and it grows daily. Have a great day.


    • Marina, thank you so much:) I just spent a good chunk of time on your blog and I’ll be going back again soon. I think that’s another piece of wisdom to take away from AA, to take your time with images/art you produce. He worked for 60 years at this and was quoted as saying a good year is 12 images. Something to think about with 16GB of image space per card in the DSLR or a 55 gallon drum of paint! Wishing you a great spring:) EE


  1. That was an interesting documentary, thank you. It’s interesting how he compares photography with music.

    I see what you mean by having an image in your mind before picking up the camera–I just never thought about it in words. I see something that inspires me, I get an image in my mind and then I’m trying to frame it up somehow to create that image in the camera lens. It’s frustrating when the image in my mind doesn’t match the image in my photo.

    I like Ansel Adams’s people photos. I was looking through magazines while my daughter was getting her hair done. All the “beautiful” people in unrealistic, illusionary photos. I thought, just give me some interesting people to look at, they don’t ALL have to be in their 20’s with perfect symmetrical faces and bodies. AA totally got it!

    I will argue that photography and “words” are two different mediums to works with, like clay sculpture and chalks drawings. He EXCELLED in photography and was okay with words, he could not maneuver words with the same deftness as his music and photography. Personally, I like it when you use words and photography together. 🙂


    • I think that’s part of the creative process with photography; to find a way for the image to match your vision. More often than not I find the two don’t match but it provides a great learning tool to further this connection. As for words and photos, I go back and forth with this. I think some images are fine without words and other images are enhanced by words. I enjoy seeing images from others that have words that talk about experience and emotion, not place and camera setting. I’m not big on quotes to tie to an image because I think it forces interpretation. As a photographer, I’d rather present the image and talk about MY experience and emotions and let the viewer discover their own through the image.
      I haven’t spent much time with Ansel Adams’ images of people as I generally am not interested in that type of photography. I will at some point because there is great skill and technique but I seek my inspiration elsewhere. Thank you for such an in depth and thought provoking comment. I appreciate it and I’m sure others do to! Have a great day and thanks again:) EE


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