New Aspens

Aspens in B&W

I went for a nice hike yesterday afternoon to capture this scene in the last light of the day.  The aspens are beginning to turn green again at the lower elevations.  Up high the trees are still transitioning into spring.  It seems that the color creeps its way up the mountain on a daily basis and its a joy to watch and photograph.


I’ve made a few images so far from yesterday’s shots but I haven’t uploaded any yet.  I’m actually debating on color or B&W for this scene.  The light was yellowish and it turned the bright green leaves a yellowish-green and created a very soft look.  It appeared like there were many soft paint brushes dipped in yellow paint and turned upside down.  The image I’m looking for however is one of a fade to green.  I think I’ll have to visit this scene again in the morning light to find this.




As for B&W, the large dynamic range of light created some nice deep shadows and bright tree tops.  For this one I looked for a nice section of illuminated trees, hunted “through the lens” and clicked.  Good light and careful composition go a long way when editing!

Thanks for looking and I’ll have more soon:)



3 thoughts on “New Aspens

  1. Woohoo! An EE fix! Both are gorgeous. The black and white has more definition (the light and shadow contrast). And the color looks so pretty with the yellow bud leaves, squiggly white tree trunks and beautifully balanced shadow. Is there any way to turn up the contrast on the colored image? Just a little–is that cheating? Or maybe an early sign of cataracts on my part?


    • Laura, I wouldn’t blame your eyes!! I left the contrast lower to soften the image. I have another similar image with more “pop”:) Thanks and don’t worry about your eyes;)


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