Spring In Park City: Part 2

Evening Walk

My last post about spring here was on March 24 and looking back at the photos, it feels like a completely different version of spring than what we see here today!  Spring is a beautiful time of year no matter where you are.  Life begins, green emerges everywhere and animals seem happy.  People seem happy.  The days are long and life seems good all around:)



I wasn’t in Park City last year during this time as I was on the road.  The previous years I wasn’t as engaged in photography as I am now.  So this spring feels special to me.   I’ve been outside shooting almost daily and I’m in constant awe of the changes taking place so quickly.  Flowers are popping out everywhere and the wave of green is creeping up the mountain.  It is a good time of year to be a photographer, do doubt:)  Plus, it is the “off-season” in Park City meaning empty trails and an overall quiet city.  Perfect?  I think so!



Last weekend it snowed all day and the mountains turned frosty white again.  The valley is lush green and it’s in the 70’s now with a vivid blue sky.  Once again…perfect:)  I imagine we’ll probably get one more snowfall in June the way this year has gone!  I absolutely love the change of seasons here, the peak of each season and the strange transitions such as snow/green, a cold and rainy summer day, snow-covered fall foliage and a sunny and warm winter day.   This, combined with changing skies makes me happy as an outdoor lover and photographer:)  There is rarely a time when there is nothing good to photograph!!


Shadow Color

I hope you enjoy these recent images and I’ll be back with more posts very soon.  I feel like I have much to say and many images to share right now.  The last image is just for fun.  Be sure to click it so you can see it LARGE.  See anything hiding???

Happy Spring,




See Anything?


9 thoughts on “Spring In Park City: Part 2

  1. It’s a moose! Always wanted to see a moose in the wild but I guess the herd of deer traipsing through our yard on a daily basis (which sets off my dad every time because they eat everything, including his precious herbs) will have to do.

    Love that first picture, it’s perfect.


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