1:1 Part 1


I’m starting a new series of posts in which I’ll post a few photos over the next several days in a 1:1 format (square).  The subjects will be fairly random but the images will all have something in common.  I’m doing so because I have a post in the works with my thoughts about photography and Instagram.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it as well once the post is published!

There is no question that photography has changed over the last few years with quality images being shot with in-phone cameras and a vast social media network for viewing and sharing.   60 Million photos per day are uploaded to Instagram alone!  It’s definitely true that there is a lot of garbage too but there’s something else going on.  I’ll share more thoughts soon (after a few more 1:1 pics!).

In the meantime, feel free to check out my Instagram page @ericephoto.

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9 thoughts on “1:1 Part 1

    • Thanks! The Sierra Nevada Mountains are insanely beautiful. This is the one and only image I have of a round boulder in front of the jagged peaks. That image has already been made;)


  1. I LOVE this photo. From the feel, to the look, to the statement. It makes me feel as thought I’ve stepped back in time, to days where there was less traffic and more nature. It’s a beauty.

    I’m on instagram as well and I love it. I think expression comes in many forms, as does photography and although yes there is much garbage out there, there is also much in the way of beauty and simplicity. In a world run by Photoshop, it’s great to have a program much more simple, much more true. I’ll look you up on instagram and follow for sure. My IG page is @dancelittlejean. 🙂


    • Thank you! I think you’ve touched on a few points I’ve been thinking about. I’ll elaborate more soon in further posts. Black and white has a tendency to remove time and complication in my opinion and I’m glad you get a bit of this from a small photo:) I’ll check out your page soon when I’m back on IG. I’m taking a short break from it currently..Thanks again, EE


  2. I tend to use Instagram when I’m out and about, or I want to photograph something random and quick; and I’ve also started to use a few more 1:1 images in my blog posts – some shots lend themselves to it, some don’t.

    As for the image; fantastic shot! The mountain on the right reminds me of Tryfan here in Snowdonia, North Wales which is just a 10 minute drive up the road from my house. 🙂


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