1:1 Part 2


Continuing on with a series of photos that are Instagram inspired with this “small” view.  The highlights are blown out, the shadows are deep and the image is small but yet it still has something to it.  I don’t think I need to tell you the location as the skyline is one that is easily recognizable to people all over the world.  This location has been photographed over and over since people with cameras have stood here.  Famous photographs have been made from this exact location.

If you’ve ever visited Yosemite, seen a photo of Yosemite or dream to visit Yosemite, I imagine this image will do something for you.  At least it is my intention to do so:)  For me, I’d dreamed of being in Yosemite for years.  Rounding the corner and seeing Half Dome for the first time in mid-day brought immediate tears to my eyes.  Having the chance to watch this special place wake up is something that’s impossible to capture.  Photos never have and never will do a place justice and will never replace being there.

That’s why I take pictures.  Go.  Feel that rush of realizing your dream.  See something more beautiful than any photo you’ve ever seen.  It’s out there, I promise.



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