1:1 Part 4


The last 3 posts have been 1:1 landscapes that, in my mind, say something to the viewer.  Now, take a person and place them in the picture (hopefully this person is you!).  All of a sudden you have an image that says something else to your viewer.  They see you there, they can imagine themselves there and you’ve made a connection with someone based on place or activity.


This picture is from southern Utah and is one I’d post on my Instagram page.  I’m not taking a picture in this image, it’s not a “selfie” and it’s not a true landscape image.  Yet as a photographer, it still fits my style of photography and gives the viewer a connection to both me and place.  This small image brings a can create a connection to my audience  by showing that I am outside exploring and that this is part of my lifestyle.  I follow many active people on Instagram that explore in their free time and few are photographers.   I’m inspired by them and I find my day is a bit brighter as a result of seeing what others are sharing.


I’ll touch on this a bit further in my full post about Instagram and photography which will be done soon.  Until then, I hope you are able to find a source of inspiration to get outside and see something that will make your day a bit brighter:)



9 thoughts on “1:1 Part 4

    • This was a late morning shot and the direct light on the opposite wall in the canyon created an intense glow! Mid mornings and mid afternoons are often like this in the canyons, quite the opposite of normal shooting hours:)


  1. Such a grand scale when you see someone standing next to something so incredible. I like your insight on this matter. As a photographer, I rarely place myself in the image because it was enough for me to be there and see it but I never thought about the connection it makes to the viewer, for them to see me there. Interesting.


    • It is huge there! Adding people is a quick way to relate scale but not always needed. I think it depends on your audience. I generally search for compositions that hide anything man made and free of people. There are times when I want to convey a message about being there rather than show a picture. Plus, I love the places I get to go and I usually just keep an image for myself to remember:) Thanks for the great comment!


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